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Services Offered

Antique Restoration

Hot Rebluing

Stock Repair/Refinishing
Casehardening Available

Before Restoration
After Restoration

336-599-1084 or 336-504-7223

(effective 07.01.11)

Service Charges:
$35.00 per hour for labor
$50.00 per hour for lathe and milling work
Metal Finishing:
All lettering and holes protected with all edges square; all pitting and blemishes polished out to customer's choice of finish: highly polished or matte.

Rebluing rate is $20.00 per hour which includes disassembly, polishing, bluing time and reassembly.
Example Pricing:
a Remington 1100 or 870 typically runs about $144.00
a Browning A5 or a lever action rifle runs around $220.00
a single shot 22 rifle runs about $120.00
a double barrel runs about $220.00
The more heavily rusted and pitted a firearm is, the more it costs to polish it out so the price increases.
(Effective 07.01.11 a one hour charge will be added to all firearms to cover the production costs like fuel, bluing salts and polishing materials.)
Belgian Bluing: The average set soft soldered double barrels runs about $250.00
Parkerizing: The average long gun runs about $140.00 while a handgun runs about $120.00. Garands, Carbines and M1A's are slightly more because they have more parts.
Teflon-Moly: Prices for these bake-on finishes are similar to Parkerizing since the metal preparation is very similar. These coatings offer superior protection since the metal is sealed against weather, grit and fingerprints.
Wood Work:
Refinishing: All old finish is stripped off, checkering protected and wood is sanded down to remove all blemishes. Oil or polyurethane is then applied in either a satin or glossy finish. An average stock runs about $90.00 for an unfilled finish while a completely filled finish runs about $120.00.

Checkering: Hourly rate; depending on the pattern, a buttstock and forend will average $180.00.

Stippling: Hourly rate; a buttstock and forend can be stippled for $60.00 - $90.00, again depending on the pattern selected.

Re-Cutting Checkering: Most patterns will cost from $60.00 - $90.00.

Recoil Pads: Hourly rate; usually cost $45.00 - $60.00, not including pad.

Installing Sling Swivels: Hourly rate; usually about $30.00.

Glass Bedding: Labor only, $60.00 for bolt actions; $90.00 - $120.00 for Garands/M14
Other Shop Work Examples:
Install and headspace pre-chambered barrel: $75.00 - $105.00, not including bluing.

Build AR15 type rifles with customer supplied parts: $90.00 - $150.00.

Firearm Maintenance: Includes detail stripping, inspection, cleaning & lube - $45.00.

Install choke tubes: $100.00 per barrel, labor only.

Thread pre-ban AR15 barrel for flash suppressor: $60.00, not including suppressor.

Check Headspace: $30.00.

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